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survey                           21              of            12 are females are

primary education although  schcol-age children are 53.

Actual                  any day is not more than 5.

Of the total population of 196, 55 persons (37 males and

IS females) are literates. The literates form 28 per cent.

There are 8 students staging ia Tribal  Welfare Hostel,

studying In High Schools  ia the area.   Out of  them   6 are

and 2 females.   One   of  them   Is a boy   student.    He is

studying IOth class this year.   The parents spend roughly Rs. I50/-

per year on these children although the Government provides them

all facilities.

There are 8 persons who have completed the 10th class :

one of them, a female aged 18 years, failed Ia the Public Examina-

tion and is now engaged as an assistant In her father's tea shop,

Of the rest, two failed; and fi\e passed 10th class : only one has

beea able to secure employment as Field Officer of the Peerless

Insurance Company. Two of them studied in the L T. L ; they are


Among the adults 15 males and 2 females are literates.

Four boys of the age of 20 and below have gone through

I.T.I. Training Course, and are eligible for employment in any

engineering concern. They have been unemployed for the last

two years.

As to other technical education, one boy aged 18 has

learnt car driving. He has no licence however.

6)   Employment t

Excluding children and the super-animated persons, the

labour force consists of 144 persons or 73.5% of the total popu-